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bluehydrangeasWhen I introduced my blog here, I talked about how I had written and/or edited a handful of blogs for the trade associations I worked with and how that experience morphed into more blog reading in line with my personal interests. I think most blog readers follow multiple blogs, whether we subscribe to them or we just bookmark the homepages and check to see what’s new. In the interest of full disclosure I thought I should share some of the blogs I’ve been following.

Initially, I was really just focused on design blogs, in fact it’s all I read. Vignette Design was like a master class in creating luscious, layered table settings, a look that spilled over into Delores’ charming house (especially her kitchen!). Delores and her husband recently downsized to a lovely home they renovated in San Francisco, and so the design lessons happily continue.

At The Enchanted Home, Tina’s enthusiasm for elegant design, all things blue and white, flowers and entertaining is irresistable. Her tasye is impeccable and her attention to detail is flawless. She has an online shop where she stocks many of her favorite things, often manufactured to her specifications.

Thistlewood Farms is a light, bright country bookend to The Enchanted Homes’ sophisticated style, and blogger KariAnne’s take on parenting, design, and life in general is often funny, always refreshing. Her photography is spot-on and her designer’s eye is awesome. I hope to hear one of her presentations some day.

Mocadeaux is a more recent discovery. Mo writes about many of the things that interest me — wine, travel, and grandchildren. She’s also in the Chicago area, so I’m hoping that one day we can connect.

Sometimes I think Julie at Creating This Life and I have the same decorating muse. Her house reminds me that much of my own and we share dozens of pins. She shares the same decorating and gardening dilemmas and triumphs we all have.

Because I’m a reader…

bookI recently discovered The Modern Mrs. Darcy. Blogger Anne talks to other readers, writers, and independent booksellers, and is focused beyond current best sellers. (Thank goodness!) You can also sign up for her podcasts or join her book club. She also covers a lot of other lifestyle topics.

What Maggie Read. This a shameless plug for my daughter’s blog, and while we have fairy divergent reading interests, they also often intersect. Plus, she dives into a lot of additional reading resources.

Because I like to cook…


I can’t remember how I stumbled on The Cafe Sucre Farine, but Chris and Scott are not so different from my husband and me. Retired, traveling, enjoying more time with family and friends. Chris cooks real food, recipes I have served to family and friends.

My daughter got me started watching The Pioneer Woman on the Food Network, and now I follow Ree’s blog, too. I feel like she shares real recipes for real family. My daughter and I love that she has a separate kitchen at the “lodge” and now I’m totally charmed by her budding business in town, “The Merc.”

Jenny Steffens Hobick approaches cooking from a different perspective at Everyday Occasions. A former caterer, she draws from a personal library of simple, delicious recipes, some designed for family, others clearly meant to make entertaining easy, elegant and delicious. She has worksheets for holiday dinners and her online store offers some hard-to-source supplies she regularly uses.

In a category all their own…

Reveling in Retirement, my friend Nancy’s new blog about the joys and challenges of her post-career life. Her current post details her quest to master the Italian language. (You will love her story about finding an Italian teacher at Starbuck’s.)

If you aren’t reading Katie Clooney’s Preppy Empty Nester, you should be. She invites everyone into her life with the Mister, her Sista, #1 and #2 and the Adorable Jonathon. She also has a pair of lovable dogs, probably the cutest on the Internet.

What are your blog recommendations? Please share!

See you next time.

3 thoughts on “The blogs I read

  1. Janet, how lovely to be included with all this wonderful company. I enjoy many of the same blogs you do and look forward to checking out the rest. So happy you’ve entered the blogging world.


  2. I’m so honored to be included on your list! And, I’m anxious for the opportunity for us to meet in person. I’ve started following your friend Nancy’s blog. I’m a huge fan of Preppy Empty Nester and Enchanted Home. Thanks for the additional recommendations – I will check them out! Have a great weekend, Janet!


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